Meet Dawn


Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm Dawn, a California girl living in Oregon with my hot husband, our sweet baby girl and two pups! 

It still blows my mind that I get to call what I do a job, because it truly hardly ever feels like work. I love that this career allows me to constantly meet new people and explore new places. I’m so excited at the idea of creatively freezing moments that can be treasured and passed on for generations. I wholeheartedly believe this is what God created me to do and am so grateful to be able to bless others while doing what I love!

I got my bachelor's degree in photography, but I have truly learned more by just diving in, pouring my whole heart into this thing, and embracing every opportunity that has come my way. 

I'll be the first to say that I'm not for everyone. I'm for those who love the in between moments, who prefer mood over technically correct, who stray from the traditional and like to get a little weird, and who aren't afraid to run around or hike a mountain side to get a killer shot. I love traveling and will hop on a plane in a heartbeat to come photograph you! I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to capture your story!

A few random facts about me...

• I shot my first wedding as a senior in high school, but didn't know I wanted to make it a career until I was a senior in college.

• I'm an ISFJ. The exact opposite of my husband, an ENTP.

• We have a 1 year old baby girl, and she's my whole world.

• I'm a dreamer, but also a total realist.

• My husband and I collect records and some of my favorites in our collection are Queen, Elton John, Lord Huron, and a ton of movie soundtracks. I love movie soundtracks.

• Before I dove into photography full time, I was a barista, worked at Young Life summer camps, and nannied.

• I could spend every afternoon in Target. I have a Red Card and the Cartwheel app, and a huge crush on Nate Berkus.

• I love hosting people in our home and want to have people over all the time. 

• I truly feel like I'm friends with all my clients and will definitely cry during your vows and the father of the bride toast.