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Cultivate Workshop


A retreat-style workshop led by myself and Emily Magers for girlboss photographers looking to better their business, build community, and be inspired. So far we've held workshops in Portland, Palm Springs, Nashville, and Bend. We're excited for our upcoming workshop in Bend, OR this fall! 


Online Courses


The Complete Guide to Camera Settings


An online video course, teaching the ins and outs of your camera. This course will leave you feeling confident shooting in manual and tackling the trickiest shooting scenarios with ease!

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Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw Presets

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DC Presets

Clean, earthy, creamy presets that are versatile and easy to use! Saving you time in editing and helping you achieve your desired look. 

Click the link below for before and afters, an editing video, and more!


Mentor Sessions


Personal Workshop

A hands on, one-on-one, immersive experience, hosted in Oregon. Catered especially for you. 


Skype Session

For those who aren't able to make it to Oregon. We'll spend time skyping and diving into your business goals and biggest questions. 


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Free Resources


Client Management


HoneyBook is the platform I use for all of my client management. I can easily create and send contracts, receive payments, send questionnaires, invoices, and anything else you can think of! It is all automated, doesn't let you double book and sends clients reminders for you! Everything is in one place and organized. It has completely changed my business and I could not recommend it more! Sign up for a free trial, and get 50% off your first year below!

Taxes & Bookkeeping


If you are self employed, you need this! I used to dread tax season but using QuickBooks Self Employed! It links to your card or bank account and auto categorizes a lot of your transactions for you! It can even track your mileage and remind you when quarterly payments are due. In April, you just send your report to your CPA and you're good to go! It has seriously saved my butt and taxes are no longer scary! Here's a link for a 50% off your first year (only $5/month!)


Getting Clients Comfortable


I always play music at my portrait sessions. It breaks the silence, helps everyone feel more comfortable, is a conversation starter, and most importantly - since I'm always giving my clients actions, it gives them a song to move to! Feel free to use the PHOTOSHOOT playlist I created on your shoot, or just listen to it while editing!

Wardrobe Inspiration


I like to send my clients wardrobe inspiration before their portrait session so that they feel prepared with some ideas, and I know they'll choose something that works great in photos (neutral colors, flowy, easy to move in, etc.) Click here for the board I send them if you'd like to pull ideas from it for your clients! 

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