DC PRESETS editing tutorials

I truly want you to be excited about your editing. To enjoy the process, as well as proud of your final image. Your time is valuable, and confidence in your work is key to running a successful business. I've created these tutorials to supplement the presets you own and show you how to use them best! Share my screen as I show you how I edit using DC presets. In the videos, we'll edit photos in a variety of lighting situations and scenery, shot on a variety of camera bodies. We will go through, using all the presets in the pack as I show adjustments I make to each image. We'll cover my method of editing most efficiently, typical tweaks I make, how to troubleshoot and correct problems, how to flow with your edits from image to image within a shoot for consistency and efficiency, and how to save a new preset specific to your style to save you time editing in the future!

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DC ORIGINALS editing tutorial

A 21 min video, sharing my screen as I edit using all the presets in the DC ORIGINALS pack. We'll cover variety of images from a lush green overcast forest, a window lit white room, strong backlighting, in the shade, and after sunset. Images are shot with a Canon 6D, Mark III, and Mark IV. I'll correct issues that arise like red skin tones, blown out highlights, dead greens and more. 


DC GOLDEN editing tutorial


DC RADIANT editing tutorial