Includes 3 color presets and 2 black and white presets that are great as an every day base and versatile for most shooting situations.

(DC 01 + DC 02 + DC 03 + DC BW 01 + DC BW 02) . 


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DC ORIGINALS editing tutorial

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DC 01

This is definitely my favorite go to preset. It works in most situations but I think really shines in shade or overcast light. I love seeing it on images with a  lot of greens and browns/oranges. It softens highlights and tones down the greens. 

Also included in the DC WEDDING PACK



This preset is great for soft lighting. I love it for overcast shoots, shade, window light, and always use it for images with a lot of neutral colors and white where I really want whites and blacks to pop. The colors pop a little more for a brighter image.


DC 03

This preset is great for sunny or backlit photos. It removes some saturation that the sun can cause but adds some split toning to emphasize the warm sunny look. 


DC BW 01

This black and white is my go to and works for pretty much anything. I use it for all my wedding work. It has muted highlights but still a lot of contrast and deep blacks.

Also included in the DC BLACK + WHITE PACK and DC WEDDING PACK


DC BW 02

I love this black and white for when you want something a little moody or edgy. I typically use this for personal work and some portraiture. I love the creamy highlights and grain that give it a more vintage look.

Also included in the DC BLACK + WHITE PACK


Please note that these presets are not magic and can not fix a poorly exposed photo. I do my best to capture everything correctly in camera so that I save my time in editing.

For reference: I shoot in Raw with a Canon 6D and 35L and 85L lenses. I tend to underexpose a tad, and shoot slightly warm. When editing I tend to increase exposure, contrast and warmth to get to my final image. Depending on your shooting style, that may work for you, or you may have to adjust differently, depending on your camera body and shooting style.