DC Lightroom Toolkit

DC Lightroom Toolkit
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A toolkit to help you take your editing skills and final images to the next level!


This kit is a set of 15 presets that can be used as brush, gradient or radial filters. They are designed to selectively enhance or correct atmosphere, beauty, exposure, and color  in your image.

The kit is paired with a tutorial video where you are walked through exactly how I use these tools in my own work to create an enhanced and polished final product.

*Please note, these tools are compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, and Classic CC. The current version of Lightroom CC does not have a brush feature so if you'd like to use these, you may consider switching to Classic CC)

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Tools included:


Examples of the tools in action

Bluer Suit

Used to restore and enhance the blue of his suit.

Skin Smoother + Lash Boost

Used to smooth and soften her skin, and boost the volume of her lashes.

Used to restore clarity and contrast of the subjects' faces lost from the mist.

Golden Light

Used to enhance the golden light in the image.


Other helpful tools and resources!