Sahalie Falls Anniversary

It had been three years since their wedding day and that was the last time Stephenie and Steven had their photos professionally taken. When Stephenie asked me to photograph her and Steven for their anniversary, I was so excited - because, come on, look at them! But also because I could hang out with these two ALL day and it would never feel like work.

Stephenie is a makeup artist in town and does my lashes every couple weeks so we became quick friends after just one appointment of laying there with my eyes taped shut and nothing to do but talk (thank goodness she’s so fun to talk to!). Her and Steven quickly became good friends, game night buddies, and every week I get to hear their musical talent on the stage at our church.

So you could imagine my excitement when she told me this anniversary session was going to take a little turn. They had big news to share and wanted to tell the world through these photos! It was such a crazy honor to be one of the first in on their exciting secret and to document such a special time in their life! Scroll down to see how they announced their special news!