Proxy Falls Engagement Session

Ashley and Bryce flew in from Oklahoma City to have their engagement documented at a waterfall in Central Oregon. We hiked to the waterfall and I began shooting them in front of it. The waterfall was the destination, so it was obviously going to be the backdrop to a majority of their images. When I turned to walk back to the trail, I realized the whole time I was shooting, I had been standing in this beautiful glowing light shining through the spray of the water. At the risk of sounding cliche, standing obliviously in that beautiful setting meant so much more to me than an opportunity for another gorgeous shot. Often times we get so caught up in what everyone else is looking at, that we forget to recognize that where we’re standing can be just as beautiful. I ended up loving the photos in that misty light even more than the waterfall photos. So I encourage you to stop comparing yourselves and focus on what everyone else is doing, and instead, appreciate the beauty of where you are now.