I've always had a passion for sharing what I've learned and helping others in their photography career. Over the years, I've been asked a lot about my editing and it's been on my heart for a while to create presets that I use every day, and make them available to you! It's taken me years of tweaking and adjusting to get to these, and I've finally gotten them polished and ready to share! The goal is to be able to apply these to a photo and only have to tweak white balance, exposure, and contrast. Getting to this point has made my workflow and editing process so quick, and has provided consistency throughout my work. I hope you find it helps you in the same way!


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Please note that these presets are not magic and can not fix a poorly exposed photo. I do my best to capture everything correctly in camera so that I save my time in editing.

For reference: I shoot in Raw with a Canon 6D and 35L and 85L lenses. I tend to underexpose a tad, and shoot slightly warm. When editing I tend to increase exposure, contrast and warmth to get to my final image. Depending on your shooting style, that may work for you, or you may have to adjust differently, depending on your camera body and shooting style. 


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